We Changed Our Name & Modified Our Mission Statement

We have been excited and pleased to watch the evolution of our blog and read everyone’s comments.  Our postings and feedback have led us in a direction slightly different than what we had initially envisioned.  As such we felt a name change and modified mission statement were in order.

Our initial blog name, ‘UOIT Online Technology’ was a good generic working title and enabled us to start posting 🙂  Very quickly however, we modified our title to, ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’.  It was our intent to show that we were exploring ideas outside of the box and outside of the traditional classroom.  We wanted our name clearly project our perspective and began to fear that it could lead to a misconception that we were blogging about distance education.  Finally a small tweak to the mission statement to change ‘online learning’ to ‘connected learning’,  brought us to where we are today.


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