What is an Individual Education Plan?

There was much discussion following our presentation on teaching in the one room schoolhouse.  One of the main themes which emerged was the use of an IEP.  Here is an excerpt from the Ontario Ministry of Education defining and describing the Individual Education Plan.

“An IEP is a written plan describing the special education program and/or services required by a particular student. It identifies learning expectations that are modified from or alternative to the expectations given in the curriculum policy document for the appropriate grade and subject or course, and/or any accommodations and special education services needed to assist the student in achieving his or her learning expectations. (For information on modified and alternative expectations, see section 4.1. The IEPs of students who have no modified or alternative expectations will focus only on accommodations and services.) The IEP is not a daily lesson plan itemizing every detail of the student’s education.

The IEP also helps teachers monitor the student’s progress and provides a framework for communicating information about the student’s progress to parents(2) and to the student. The IEP is updated periodically to record any changes in the student’s special education program and services that are found to be necessary as a result of continuous assessment and evaluation of the student’s achievement of annual goals and learning expectations.

The IEP reflects the school board’s and the principal’s commitment to provide the special education program and services, within the resources available to the school board, needed to meet the identified strengths and needs of the student. The principal is responsible for ensuring compliance with all of the requirements described in this document for the development and implementation of students’ IEPs.”

Ontario Ministry of Education Website. Retrieved from http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/general/elemsec/speced/iep/iep.html#what on June 6, 2012.


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