Meet Colin


My name is Colin and I am one of the primary contributors of this blog–along with Shem, Charlie, Andrea and Victoria. We are hoping that this blog can be a record of our group’s research, thoughts, discussions and ideas about education in the digital and online context. We are happy to here from anyone that wants to weigh in on any of our post or comments.

I find it helpful, when reading through posts on other blogs from other people to know a bit about them. It gives me a bit of a more 3D understand of their thoughts and ideas. We thought it would be a good idea for us to provide any of our readers with the same opportunity.

I’m a high school guidance counsellor in Toronto, Ontario, in our public school system here. I’ve been at it for about eleven years now. I have a teaching background in the areas of math and computer science, but shifted into counselling early on.

I am always up for having conversations about learning in a digital and online context. In this blog, we are starting to explore what this context means for the learner, how it shapes pedagogy and how it is shaped by current pedagogy. It is definitely an interesting and relevant area of study. I am particularly interested in the how connectedness and collaboration takes shape for the learner in this context.

When considering the shape of pedagogy in the digital age, one of the individuals that comes up often in a google search is George Siemens along with his ideas of Connectivism and his challenges of our traditional definitions and roles of teachers and learners. I’m not sure I an ready to buy into his ideas of Connectivism as a credible learning theory. I just don’t know enough about it yet. It’s a good place for this journey to start.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.


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