Decisions, decisions.

So we’re meeting up today to bash around some ideas about our direction with our work in this course.

WordPress is one option. I’m just giving it a try now.

Charlie also mentioned tumblr. It may be a good option as well. It’s slick, easy to use.

What would it look like to start this up on Facebook? I’m not sure I like that idea too much. There may be too much noise from other people. Although it would make it very easy to share and possibly get others from outside the class involved.

We could take a look at Blogger from Google. It’s not that different than using WordPress, which i personally prefer.

Would we be able to pull this off all on Twitter? Could be tough with the 140 character limit…but not impossible.

What about Wikispaces? I guess that would be more of a space for all our ideas to be and develop, and not as much a stream of ideas and their evolution.

What do you think?


One response to “Decisions, decisions.

  1. I asked around and WordPress seemed to be the consensus. No preference for me since I will need to learn the ins & outs of whichever we chose.

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